Concept Development

Game Theory

Rebrand & Collateral Design

The logo and colour scheme are applied to materials in bold and unexpected ways to hold viewers’ attention on all platforms.

The POP features a brain teaser and is given to customers when they make a purchase. If they bring the wallet-sized piece back with the correct answer they get a discount on their next visit.

Dominoes Packaging

This gift edition of dominoes does not use a written product title. The single, real domino in the die-cut lid of the box communicates the contents. The domino is secured to the card that sits below the lid. When the box is opened and the card removed, the rules are visible, printed on the back of the card.

Shopping Bag

The ‘GT’ logo is applied to the shopping bag taking it from a two dimensional to a three-dimensional level. The bag’s angular top follows the lines of the logo, creating a compelling as well as functional shopping bag.

International Games Packaging

This package design emphasizes the interest held in traditional game pieces from other cultures. The box contains three games from different parts of the world. It deliberately shows the cultural game objects by placing them in a pull-out drawer with a glass top and includes the game boards as symbols on the label.

Guerilla Ad Campaign

This mirror sticker is mounted in public bathrooms. Each ad features an accessory that conveys a stereotypical personality. Viewers see their reflections ‘wearing’ the accessory, drawing attention to the ad and making it easy to relate to. They can literally see themselves in the ads.