These illustrations were created for a book covers for plays and novels published by Talonbooks.

Nine Dragons

Digital Illustration & Book Cover Design

Nine Dragons, set in 1920s Hong Kong, is a hard-boiled detective fiction with a twist: an inquisition into colonialism, racism, assimilation, and the clash of cultures. It’s the classic mystery/detective genre overlaid with the topical issue of identity – a struggle that any person of colour faces in any society that privileges whiteness.

Sir John A

Book Cover Design

In this comedic play, an Ojibway man decides impulsively to drive to Kingston, Ontario, dig up the bones of Sir John A. Macdonald and ransom them to win back a stolen family artefact. Along the way, he and his companions deconstruct the history of Sir John A and his relationship with the First Nations peoples. Drawing inspiration from Monty Python, I too deconstruct Sir John on this cover.

Green Chamber

Digital Illustration & Book Cover Design

I was commissioned to design and illustrate a book cover for a novel about an
old house in Montreal, and the dysfunctional family that lived within its walls. Eventually, the house itself begins to decide the family’s fate. I presented the client, Talonbooks Publishing, with three design options with the house
presented as the main character.