The Sea – The Mine

Oil & Copper Leaf on Panel        30 x 60”     

This piece explores an individual’s tenuous path towards self-discovery: a path often taken through paradox.


Is this journey actually leading to self-discovery or self-compromise; reality or escapism; romantic adventure or lustful obsession; the trap of domesticity or the value of family life; a meaningful connection to natural landscapes or exploitation of that nature?


Does the path lead to the rugged shore of the open sea or the chasm of an open mine?


These themes are explored through the figure of a woman experiencing a deep connection to nature, evoking mythology, and the state of being “away”. Seaweed motifs formed from copper leaf surround her. They are Bull Kelp, the Latin for which is Nereocystis (Greek for “mermaid’s bladder”) which are native to my own surroundings on the BC coast. Her hands entwine the copper seaweed. We wish to connect with nature on its own terms, but often humanity inevitably bends nature to our will, extracting its resources and exploiting it for our own means.

Fine Art